Outdoor Warning Sirens

130 + sirens in Lucas County; tested 12 times per year; 3 minutes per tone for emergency usage
Federal signal siren


Siren testing is conducted on the first Friday of every month at 12:00 PM EST. The sirens will sound a steady tone for 1 minute. If you are outside and cannot hear the siren, please call Lucas County Emergency Management Agency at 419-213-6503 and provide a general location along with an explanation of the issue. 

A special 3-minute test of the sirens takes place on the fourth Wednesday of March at 9:50 AM EST for the Statewide Tornado Drill, which is part of Ohio's Severe Weather Awareness Week.

Siren Usage

Sirens are designed to only be an outdoor warning system - check out our be informed page for more information on how to stay up to date on severe weather information while indoors. 

Sirens are activated for tornado warnings issued by the National Weather Service, for windstorms or thunderstorms with wind over 75 miles per hour, or if time permits, for acts of terrorism. Sirens sound across the entire county, even if only part of the county is under a severe weather warning. 

If you hear a siren sound, get to a safe shelter and check the weather or local media for more information. Severe weather can develop rapidly, so prioritize your safety and the safety of those around you before any other actions. 

Lucas County does not sound an "all clear" siren once the danger is over. Please monitor the weather and local media for information on when severe weather warnings expire. 

Do You See or Hear a Problem With an Outdoor Warning Siren?

If you observe damage to an outdoor warning siren or if the siren near you does not go off during monthly siren testing, please report your observations here.