Classroom Presentations


Educational programs teach the value of natural resources through classroom presentations. The materials are relevant and correspond to the required assessment testing as well. 

Classroom presentations focus on hands-on, active learning. The following programs are very popular:

  • The EnviroScape
  • The Streamulator
  • Wildlife CSI
  • Worms, Soil, and Composting
  • Macroinvertebrates
  • Owl Pellets
  • The Home Septic System Model
  • Themed programs for State Content Standards

Programs are free of charge to Lucas County schools and community groups.

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Please call Patrick Troyer, Education Specialist at (419) 893-1966 or contact us for further information.


The EnviroScape

The EnviroScape is a colorful interactive model that graphically demonstrates human impact on the environment, erosion, water pollution, conservation efforts, and land use issues. This presentation is extremely popular with groups of all ages, but especially upper elementary.

Each year, we present this program to approximately 2,000 students in Lucas County.

The Streamulator

The Streamulator uses real water and sand material, allowing students to interact with the flow of water to understand erosion, flood plain formation, and stream dynamics. Because of its design, this model will best be utilized for multiple presentations at your school.

Water Quality Assessment

Water Quality Assessment, using chemical and/or biological indicators, is fun for students of all ages. Learn about water chemistry and pollution and the role of macro invertebrates in stream ecosystems. These activities can be conducted outside or inside the classroom.

Worms, Soil, and Composting

Worms, Soil, and Composting gives students a chance to see soil processes up close through the use of a live worm bin and making their own worm habitats.

The Groundwater Flow Model

The Groundwater Flow Model is a fascinating look into the mysterious world under our feet. Best for sixth grade and up, this model allows students to understand how the permeability of various earth materials affects the rate of water flow. Various types of pressures and potential contamination are also evident.

The Home Septic System Model

The Home Septic System Model was designed and fabricated by our own staff to promote understanding of the proper function of this rural life necessity.