What if a child/youth is multisystem involved needs placement?
This is one of three core functions that the Cluster has served over the years. The other two core functions are Coordination and Special Assistance Funding. We recognize the importance of all three functions and are diligently working on ensuring that there is an identified process and structure to support all three functions. Coordination will continue through the implementation of the Wraparound Model. The functions of Placement and Special Assistance Funding will continue as key functions of our overall Intersystem Coordination Strategy though we have not yet completed work on identifying what the processes will be and the structure to support them. We will post key developments on these functions on this website.

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1. How did we get here?
2. What will happen with Creative Options (Cluster) once Wraparound is expanded beyond the Behavioral Health and Juvenile Justice Grant population?
3. What if a child/youth is multisystem involved needs placement?
4. What if I am working with a child/youth and their family and wanted to make a referral to Creative Options (Cluster)?
5. I am a small provider/vendor of services and have provided services/supports to children/youth and their families. Will we be no longer needed to provide services/supports?