How do I get custody of a child?
Call the Lucas County Juvenile Court Clerk line at 419-213-6744, Option 4. An automated answering system will direct you to the appropriate clerk based on your answers to specific questions and the custody option that you are seeking.

Please understand that while information will be provided, the clerks are unable to provide legal advice. Custody forms are available at the main clerk's counter at Juvenile Court.

Neither Lucas County Children Services or the Juvenile Court can provide legal advice and counsel. However, there are resources available in the community if you require legal assistance.

If you have resources pay for legal services, contact the Toledo Bar Association Lawyer Referral Service at 419-242-2000 or 419-242-4763, for names of attorneys who handle this type of legal work.

If you are unable to pay for representation, contact either the Toledo Bar Association's Pro Bono program at 419-242-9363 or Legal Aid of Western Ohio, Inc. at 419-724-0030. These programs will have criteria and other guidelines that must be met before their services can be utilized.Lucas County Juvenile Court

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