Do you accept fax filings?
Yes, as long as the filing is 10 pages or less.

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1. Where is the Civil Division of the Clerk of Courts located?
2. I am in need of an attorney but cannot afford one. Who can I contact?
3. How long does a Foreclosure case take?
4. Money has been taken out of my payroll check for a garnishment. How can I stop this from occurring?
5. We received money on a garnishment but the money has not been paid out. How do we get the court to issue the funds?
6. Who do I contact for a Mechanic's Lien?
7. How do I obtain a copy of a particular order regarding my case?
8. Where do I obtain a Marriage License?
9. How do I contact the Prosecutor's office?
10. Am I in the correct court?
11. Which courtroom is my case assigned to?
12. When am I scheduled to appear in court for my case?
13. Is information available on line regarding my case?
14. What is the timeline for a Mortgage Foreclosure Case?
15. What is the cost of a Mortgage Foreclosure filing?
16. I filed a case or motion today. When can I expect the case to appear on the court's docket?
17. What is the cost to file a Civil Case?
18. Are there additional costs attached to a case filing?
19. What is the cost of filing a garnishment?
20. How do I find out if there are liens on the property I wish to purchase at a Sheriff's sale?
21. How may I obtain copies of a case?
22. Whom should I contact to check service on a complaint that has been filed?
23. Where can one obtain information regarding a Federal Lien that has been filed?
24. What types of liens does the Lucas County Clerk of Courts office accept for filing?
25. What is the difference between a state lien and a private lien?
26. I have questions regarding my credit history. How can I obtain information regarding that history?
27. I owe court costs. Can I be placed on a payment plan?
28. How may I find out the amount of court costs I owe?
29. How much is owed on my garnishment?
30. Do you accept credit cards as payment?
31. When can I expect a check for a mortgage foreclosure?
32. Why must I pay a Title fee on a Tax Foreclosure Case?
33. Where can I obtain a copy of the Local Rules governing our courts?
34. Do you accept fax filings?
35. What is the charge for copies?