Criminal Section

Application for Sealing or Expungement of Records PDF with Entry Fields

Directions for Completing the Application for Sealing or Expungement of Records Form

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Subpoena  PDF  entry field

Subpoena is set to print two-sided (duplex). Please provide a total of 5 copies when filing this document.

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Criminal Poverty Affidavit PDF with entry fields
  • Jeanne Parrish, Supervisor - 419- 213-2080
  • Criminal Filing and Intake - 419- 213-4480
  • Criminal Division Fax - 419- 213-4291
  • File room, Criminal, Appellate, and Tax Foreclosure - 419- 213-4483
  • Criminal Costs and Restitution - 419- 213-4485


The Criminal Division of the Clerk of Courts maintains all paperwork for felony case proceedings. The division receives all filings pertaining to a particular case and executes the necessary paperwork in each phase of the criminal justice system, including indictments, arraignments, and issuance of subpoenas for grand jury and trial witnesses.

Other duties include posting bonds, calculating and collecting court costs, paying witnesses, and preparing documents required for the transfer of defendants to court designated institutions.

For a complete listing of Criminal Division legal documents with pdf entry fields use the link provided below.