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General Information

Millions of children in the United States live in single parent households. Too often, the non-custodial parent is not fulfilling a legal obligation to provide health insurance. As a result, many children go without health care or must rely on the state's Medicaid program. Yet, many defaulting parents are employed and able to provide health insurance coverage. One step toward solving this problem is the recognition that child support is a partnership.

As an employer, your role in facilitating access to available medical coverage for these children is invaluable. Your efforts, together with the health plan administrators, and the local child support enforcement agencies will enable children to receive the coverage to which they are entitled.

Ohio's Child Support Program

Ohio's Child Support Program is administered by the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services, Office of Child Support. Through its county child support enforcement agencies, it is responsible for establishing and enforcing health insurance orders for child support cases when coverage is available and reasonable or expected to become available. Children who might not otherwise be covered under a medical insurance plan can get the medical attention once they receive the medical support from your employee.

Employers' Role and Responsibilities

Since 1987, employers have been a vital part of Ohio's success in increasing child support collections through income withholding. Almost three-quarters of the $1.9 billion collected by Ohio's child support program each year is received through income withholding.

Employers have four basic responsibilities in the child support operation. They are:
  • Reporting new hires and responding to employment verification requests
  • Withholding income and premiums for medical insurance
  • Sending payments to Ohio CSPC
  • Reporting employment terminations with existing orders
These areas are covered in subsequent sections of this site. The continued cooperation of Ohio employers in withholding wages and medical premiums pursuant to child support orders, as well as reporting newly hired employees, will go a long way toward supporting Ohio's and the nation's children.