Unclaimed Funds

Reuniting Ohioans with their Hard Earned Money

 Many Ohioans may be owed money that they don't even know about. Accounts are claimed by the State when "over a specific period of time there has been no activity and the holder of the funds cannot locate the owner."

These "Unclaimed Funds" may include savings, checking or certificate of deposit accounts; payroll (wages, bonuses, commissions); stocks and bonds (uncashed dividends, interest checks or underlying shares principle); insurance proceeds; credit balances; customer deposits; travelers checks; money orders and other intangible interests or benefits. The State holds them until you claim these funds.

(NOTE: The Lucas County Auditor maintains the Lucas County Unclaimed Funds listing, which is comprised of payments that were not redeemed by the payee at the time of original issuance.)

You can now use the tools below to find out if you are owed any of this “lost” money.

Unclaimed Funds Statewide Search
The Ohio Department of Commerce Division of Unclaimed Funds offers this user-friendly searchable online database of unclaimed monies owed to Ohio citizens. (NOTE: This database does not include amounts under $50.00.)

Form to Obtain More Information or a Claim Form from Ohio Division of Unclaimed Funds (PDF)
Mail this form to the Ohio Division of Unclaimed Funds if your name and prior or current address appear on the Lucas County Last Name List posted above - and you wish to either obtain more information or a claim form.

Ohio Unclaimed Funds Frequently Asked Questions
This link provides answers to the most common questions regarding Ohio's Unclaimed Funds program.

Otherwise, feel free to direct all further questions to:

The Ohio Department of Commerce
Division of Unclaimed Funds
77 South High Street 20th Floor
Columbus, OH 43215-6108
(877) 644-6823

Nationwide Search for Unclaimed Funds

Once you have completed your search of Ohio records, you may want to also check out this Web site to find out if you, your family, friends, business or organization have Unclaimed Funds in other states.

Unclaimed Funds