Lucas County Water Resource Recovery Facility (WRRF)


To operate and maintain the Lucas County Water Resource Recovery Facility in a cost effective, reliable, and safe manner which meets all State and Federal permits and regulations.

About The Lucas County Water Resource Recovery Facility

Lucas County Maumee River Wastewater Treatment Plant
In June 1970, a contract was signed by the City of Maumee, Lucas County, and the Ohio Water Development Authority to finance, construct, and operate a regional wastewater treatment facility to service Maumee, Waterville, Holland, and other limited portions of unincorporated Lucas County. Construction was started on the new wastewater treatment plant in March 1971. The Maumee River Wastewater Treatment Plant (MRWWTP) was placed into service in early 1973 as a five MGD activated sludge treatment plant with a hydraulic capacity of 12.5 MGD.

This original plant, later referred to as Plant A, consisted of three influent communitors and an aerated grit chamber for preliminary treatment, chemical addition for phosphorus removal, six activated sludge basins, two final effluent clarifiers, and a chlorine contact tank. The solids treatment processes included sludge-thickening tanks, a Zimpro low-pressure wet air oxidizer for sludge conditioning, and a vacuum filter for sludge dewatering.

Shortly after the commissioning of the MRWWTP in 1973, Lucas County and the City of Sylvania signed an agreement, which permitted the City to connect its sewers to the County’s regional trunk sewer. Lucas County also negotiated a contract with the Johns-Manville Corporation to treat the wastewater from their Plant No. 1 located nearby in Monclova Township. Flow from the Johns-Manville plant began entering the facility in June 1974. Shortly thereafter, a small portion of Wood County southwest of Perrysburg was also connected to the Lucas County trunk sewer. In 1988, the Village of Whitehouse completed their connection to Lucas County’s collection system.

In 2015, the Facility changed its name to the Lucas County Water Resource Recovery Facility to more accurately reflect the purpose of the facility.

In 2017, the Lucas County Board of Commissioners signed an agreement with Quasar Energy Group for the improvements to the anaerobic digestion process at the Water Resource Recovery Facility (WRRF).  The improvements will allow the WRRF to become more energy independent through cogeneration of electricity while producing a higher quality of biosolids (from Class B to Class A) for reuse.

Water Resource Recovery Facility