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Contact Information

The office of the Lucas County Auditor is open. Call our office at 419.213.4406 or email us at

If you need to complete a deed transfer, we recommend contacting a company that offers E-Recording, who may assist you for a fee: Transfer Conveyance List of Professional Companies to E-Record

Auditor's departmental phone numbers are listed below. Once you call the number and reach the menu, please dial the last four digits again as the extension:

Deed Transfer/Conveyance  (419) 213-4439 or (419) 213-4332
Board of Revision  (419) 213-4424 or (419) 213-4327
CAUV/Homestead  (419) 213-4873
Dog, Cigarette or Vendors License  (419) 213-4443
Finance  (419) 213-4329 or (419) 213-4435
Disbursements  (419) 213-4328
Tax Accounting  (419) 213-4446 or (419) 213-4154
Special Assessments-Exemptions  (419) 213-4292 or (419) 213-4154
Payroll  (419) 213-4348 or (419) 213-4346
Weights and Measures  (419) 213-4447
Homeowners Real Estate Questions  (419) 213-4142, (419) 213-4434, 
(419) 213-4155 or (419) 213-4153
Commercial/Business Real Estate:  (419) 213-4833
GENERAL QUESTIONS:  (419) 213-4338, (419) 213-4403, 
(419) 213-4432 or (419) 213-4335
Email questions
TEXT a question (419) 309-7877
Lucas County Auditor Anita Lopez (419) 213-4322

Significant improvements to AREIS include:


  • Search by parcel, address or intersection directly on the map
  • Use the Advanced Search to find properties by selecting multiple criteria
  • Use wild cards to enter partial information

Reports and Actions

  • Market Area Sales report
  • Property Attributes export
  • Create mailing lists
  • View the current tax bill


  • Print or download images directly from the map
  • Select multiple parcels in the map and view in a list
  • See property in a 360 degree view at angle with Pictometry(TM)
Brand new to AREIS Online, Pictometry provides oblique (imagery captured at an angle) imagery to provide a more natural perspective, making objects easier to recognize.

Please Note

Reports generated via AREIS Online are in CSV or PDF format. Microsoft Excel or similar spreadsheet software and a PDF viewer are needed to view these files. AREIS Online works best using the latest version of Internet Explorer.

To get started with AREIS Online, please refer to our Beginner's Guide.
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For personal assistance with AREIS, please contact the Department of Education and Outreach at (419) 213-4406.

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For personal assistance with AREIS, please contact the Department of Education and Outreach at (419) 213-4406. Please note: Technical assistance can be found via the Beginner's Guide or by calling (419) 213-4406.