Reval 2024 

Dear Property Owner:

Thank you for your interest in your 2024 Revaluation.

As Auditor, I am required by Ohio law to update real property values every six years in a countywide reappraisal. This process is called the 2024 Revaluation.

In the Revaluation, we actually view each property. The 2024 Revaluation looks at sales from 2021, 2022 and 2023. After receiving a recommendation from the Ohio Department of Taxation and reviewing arm’s length sales, some areas and properties will receive an adjustment in value. 

The Revaluation is a duty I deem important, and our team takes seriously. As your County Auditor, I assure you every effort was made to ensure a fair, equitable, and accurate value is placed on your property.

Regarding your 2024 real estate tax bill, please keep the following in mind: 1) Your property taxes will not change in the exact dollar proportion to your percentage of value change. 2) Property taxes are primarily determined by the voters of Lucas County; newly enacted levies directly affect your property taxes. 2024 property taxes will not be available until election results are certified by the Board of Election and tax rates are certified by the State of Ohio. 2024 property taxes will be available late in December.

If you have 2024 Revaluation questions, I encourage you to contact my staff via the following options:

Email – Contact our office via email for at

Call - Call our office to speak w a live person 8AM to 4:30PM Monday through Friday at 419-213-4406.

Mail - Lucas County Auditor’s Office; Attn:  Property Review - One Government Center, Suite 600, Toledo, OH 43604 


Lucas County Auditor
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