Delinquent Payment Plans

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Under Ohio law, an owner-occupier of real property (a home or manufactured home) in Lucas County with delinquent real estate taxes may qualify for a delinquent installment payment plan. By complying with the terms of the payment plan contract, a taxpayer can save the cost of penalties and interest during the plan's duration and also avoid the risk of tax foreclosure.

A delinquent payment plan requires a 20% down payment, and subsequent installments are calculated to simultaneously pay both the ongoing current tax bills and the delinquency within 24 months.*

Delinquent payment plans will not be issued during the ten-day period following a real estate tax due date.

If you are eligible for a delinquent payment plan and require further information, please call: (419) 213-4055.

*A residual balance may remain due upon the completion of a payment plan, most often the result of a change in the tax bill that occurs after the initial calculation of monthly installments. Installments are recalculated after twelve (12) months.

**If you do not meet the Treasurer’s Delinquent Payment Plan Eligibility Guidelines but would like the Treasurer’s Office to review your case for possible plan approval, please complete and submit the Treasurer’s Exception To DIPP Policy Request (PDF). Upon completion of the form, please submit via any of the following manners:

  • Via mail (Lucas County Treasurer · ATTN: Delinquent Dept. · One Government Center Suite 500 · Toledo, OH 43604-2253)
  • Via fax (419-213-4258)
  •  Email

In most cases the Treasurer’s Office will review Exception Requests and reply with an approval or rejection within ten business days. Taxpayers deemed ineligible for a delinquent payment plan are strongly encouraged to make payments in order to lessen the risk of foreclosure and reduce the cost of penalties and interest.