Employee Assistance Program

Everyone Needs Help Sometimes

It's unlikely that any of us will make it through life without experiencing problems. The Board of Lucas County Commissioners recognizes that today's lifestyle is a challenge for people who juggle family, career, and community obligations. Understandably, the pressure sometimes creates problems

An employee assistance program (EAP) is a valuable resource for employees who are facing personal or professional challenges that affect their well-being and performance.  EAPs provide confidential and free counseling, referrals, and other services to help employees cope with issues such as stress, anxiety, depression, substance abuse, family problems, financial difficulties, legal matters, and more.  EAPs can also offer preventive services such as wellness programs, workshops, and online resources to promote healthy lifestyles and prevent problems from escalating.  EAPs can benefit both employees and employers by improving employee satisfaction, productivity, morale, and retention, as well as reducing absenteeism, turnover, healthcare costs, and workplace conflicts.

Lucas County offers you a comprehensive assistance program that helps minimize the effects of problems that may be affecting your work or personal life.

Contact our Employee Assistance Program at the numbers below or reach out to your department's Personnel Officer for more information.

Lighthouse Employee Assistance Program