Juvenile Mediation

What is mediation?

 Mediation process arrow

                        Parties work out conflict

with a neutral person in a safe setting. 


Who can mediate?

• Juveniles with Unruly/Delinquency or Truancy charges
• Parents with Contributing to Delinquency of Minors charges
• Not married parents looking to establish or modify parental rights and responsibilities
• Parents with children in foster care who want to plan for their children with case workers
• People who want to talk and problem-solve issues. 

Where are mediations conducted?


Mediations are conducted at Court or at community center partner locations:

                   Mediation sites

    • Lucas County Juvenile Court Juvenile Justice Center: 1801 Spielbusch Avenue, Toledo, Ohio 436004
    • East Toledo Family Center: 1020 Varland Avenue, Toledo, Ohio 43605
    • Frederick Douglass Community Center: 1001 Indiana Avenue, Toledo, Ohio 43607
    • Monroe Street United Methodist Church: 3613 Monroe Street., Toledo, Ohio 43606
    • Monclova Community Center: 8115 Monclova Road, Monclova, Ohio 43542

Why mediate?

Parties who want to solve their own problems can solve problems through mediation.

How do you get a case mediated?

Most cases are referred to mediation.

The mediation cost is included in the filing fee. If parties reach an interim mediation agreement and need to come back, there is an additional $60 fee.