Treasurer Escrow Plans

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Paying a large semi-annual real estate tax bill in one lump sum can be difficult for many people. As long as your taxes are current, you can take advantage of our convenient TIPP plans. The basic TIPP plan offers the convenience of paying your taxes in advance, by mail or in person, through more manageable monthly payments.

Monthly Automatic Withdrawal

To assist you in your monthly budget, you may want to take advantage of our TIPP-ACH plan, wherein your monthly payment is automatically deducted from your checking account on the 15th of every month. This secure and confidential type of transaction offers added convenience for those who monitor their banking online. (Manufactured homes are not eligible for this program.)

Treasurer Escrow Plan Application & Agreement (PDF)

Also, if you currently have automatic withdrawal and want to either change account information or cancel the program, please fill out the 
Automatic Withdrawal Change Form (PDF) and mail, fax, or Email to our office.

Semi-Annual Automatic Withdrawal

Our TIPP-ACH2 plan automatically deducts your semi-annual real estate tax from your checking account. These regular withdrawals occur on January 20th and July 20th. TIPP-ACH2 participants receive a reminder notice roughly 30 days prior to the scheduled withdrawal. (Manufactured homes are not eligible for this program.)

Semi-Automatic Deduction Agreement (PDF)
If you currently have automatic withdrawal and want to cancel the program, please fill out the Automatic Withdrawal Termination Form (PDF) and mail or fax to our office.

For more information or to enroll, call: (419) 213-4305

Lucas County Government Employee Payroll Deduction

Employees of Lucas County Government may enroll in bi-weekly payroll deduction by completing the Payroll Deduction Authorization Form below. Employees interested in the program should call 419.213.4310 regarding the schedule and amounts of the payments prior to enrollment.

Real Estate Tax Payroll Deduction Authorization (PDF)
Real Estate Tax Payroll Authorization Cancellation (PDF)

Completed forms may be delivered to the Treasurer's Office or emailed to .