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Board of Revision Hearing Attendance Form

  1. Please enter case number provided from online appeal. If you do not have a case number please contact the Auditor's office at 419-213-4406.

  2. Do you currently live on the property?*


    I certify I have clearly stated my reason for the change in value on line 9 of the complaint and have submitted, with complaint, evidence I would have presented to the Board at a hearing, including but not limited to: recent appraisal, settlement statement, purchase agreement, condition, photo(s), certified repair estimate(s), etc. I understand the Board may request additional information to determine a hearing is necessary. I agree that the Board of Revision can contact me at the phone number provided above to schedule a hearing if necessary.

  4. Request to Waive Attendance at Hearing - The Change in Value I am seeking is:*

  5. If a counter-complaint is filed, a hearing WILL BE SCHEDULED and it is recommended you do NOT waive your presence in this instance.

  6. Agree & Accept*

    By checking this box, I acknowledge the above as my electronic signature and I agree to and accept the terms and conditions outlined above.

  7. Optional: Upload BOR Evidence. Please include your BOR Case # or parcel info. in email so we can match documents to your file

  8. This request for waiver at Hearing is for Residential Parcels ONLY. Income producing, commercial or industrial property value complaints MUST attend a hearing. See Instructions for filing a Commercial Value Dispute.

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