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Juvenile Court

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Posted on: January 10, 2017

Lucas County Juvenile Court held up as Example in national report

blog-newguidelinescloseyouthprisons-2017.jpg Proud to announce Lucas County Juvenile Court's inclusion as a positive example in the recent publication of "Beyond Bars: Keeping Young People Safe at Home and Out of Youth Prisons" by The National Collaboration for Youth. As stated o...Read on... Additional Info...
Posted on: December 15, 2016

Lucas County Juvenile Court Lauded

"A national coalition is calling for reforms to the juvenile justice system and is holding up Lucas County as an example of what to do right." began Nolan Rosenkrans' article in 12/15/16 Toledo Blade.

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Posted on: December 1, 2016

Judge Denise Navarre Cubbon participant in Juvenile Justice Summit at Washington Post Live

Juvenile Justice.jpg

Weighing the Case for Reform

Legal experts debate whether and how the juvenile justice system might be changed.

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Posted on: August 15, 2016

James Bell, Civil Rights Advocate, Founder and Executive Director of W. Haywood Burns Institute


The racial and ethnic disparities that exist in youth justice today are symptoms of a system that has treated youth of color poorly and continues to use misguided and ineffective approaches.

It is time to shift our frame from being merely transitional...Read on...

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Posted on: August 13, 2015

The Real Narrator in the Lucas County Story: Data

NCCD Rachael.png

How am I going to do this? I stared at the Excel spreadsheets glaring back at me from my computer monitor and the chicken-scratch notes I had scrawled across three different legal pads. I pushed back from my desk and took a deep breath. What’s t...Read on...

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Posted on: March 20, 2015

ACES Too High News interviews Juvenile Court's Kendra Kec regarding RBT practice in Detention

ACES.jpg There are three ways to look at how the juvenile justice system is using modern practices to reduce youth crime and violence. 1.One is what happens on the way to the detention center where a kid is held until trial – i.e., how the system decides...Read on... Additional Info...
Posted on: March 23, 2016

Pathways to Success Initiative Final Evaluation Report

PTSI report.jpg

A collaboration of Lucas County Juvenile Court, Lucas County Children Services, and Toledo Public Schools.

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Posted on: March 20, 2015

Juvenile Justice System Alternatives Lucas County Juvenile Court's efforts on C-SPAN

CSpan promo.jpg

Stacy Teicher Khadaroo talked about her Christian Science Monitor article, “Keeping Kids From Crime: How Alternatives to Lockups Are Changing Juvenile Justice,” on the juvenile justice system and alternatives to incarcerating children....Read on...

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Posted on: February 12, 2015

Lucas County Juvenile Court cover story in Christian Science Monitor


"A quiet revolution in juvenile justice in the United States is launching initiatives to provide counseling, drug treatment, and other support for young offenders rather than locking them up." CSM Feb. 16, 2015

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Posted on: March 23, 2016

Annual Report 2014

AR2014.jpg Additional Info...
Posted on: August 21, 2015

Mike Brennan: building trust relationships as a community partner and long-term friend of YAP

Mike Brennan_thumb.jpg

Mike Brennan, Administrator of Probation Services for Lucas County Juvenile Court "completely understands the trust relationships that YAP builds with kids and families," said Sherri Munn, Director of YAP's Lucas County (OH) Program. "He h...Read on...

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Posted on: July 20, 2015

A Much-Needed Alternative to Youth Prisons published in Huffington Post's Crime Blog

"...And rather than sending young people away to prison when the services they need did not exist, Lucas County created new services, such as a program to address the high numbers of young people - and especially kids of color - entering their courtr...Read on...

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Posted on: April 13, 2015


When I wrote, a few days back, about Bethany House shelter for abused and battered women, I said it was my favorite cause in Toledo, and my favorite story of uplift. But I actually have a second — one that inspires me just as much. It is CASA &a...Read on... Additional Info...
Posted on: April 10, 2015

Juvenile Court Supports Wear Blue Day!


In 2013, the Lucas County Juvenile Court Clerk’s Office had over 9000 new cases filed. Over 4000 of those cases involved children caught in the middle of custody, parentage, support, and even, adult contributing to delinquency issues. While 375 ...Read on...

Juvenile Court Wears Blue 4/8/15 Video
Posted on: March 9, 2015

Radio interview with Judge Cubbon and Deborah Hodges on Michigan Public Radio

When they're campaigning for election or reelection, politicians tend to talk a big game. They suddenly become crusaders for change, even if they've spent years mired in bureaucracy. Judge Denise Cubbon, the lead judge of the Lucas County Juvenile Court, ...Read on... Additional Info...
Posted on: March 2, 2015

Lucas County Juvenile Court featured in Annie E. Casey Foundation Blog, 2/26/15

Assessment_web.jpg Sharp Declines in Youth Placements Continue in Ohio’s Lucas County Posted February 26, 2015, By the Annie E. Casey Foundation The Christian Science Monitor recently ran a feature story showing how juvenile justice leaders in Lucas County, Ohio (...Read on... Additional Info...
Posted on: September 27, 2013

Judge Cubbon Announces Juvenile Court's Assessment Center

Judge Cubbon announces Lucas County Juvenile Court's new Assessment Center, opening October 1st, 2013.

Please see our presentation for more information.