Correct Recycling in Toledo and Lucas County

LCSWD_Recycle_CartonsTextiles (2)_2What is recycling contamination?

Recycling contamination is when incorrect items or materials are put into recycling bins. Recycling contamination can also occur when the right items or materials are prepared the wrong way (food residue in containers, recyclables in plastic bags, etc.).

When the contamination of a load of recycling becomes too much, the items will be sent to the landfill even though some of them are viable for recycling. When we reduce contamination in our recycling bins, more materials are recycled.

What can and can't be recycled?

Where can you recycle certain materials?

Grass and Yard Waste:  Plastic Bags
  • Drop off at area supermarkets including Kroger, Target, etc.
Food Waste
  • Compost food waste at home
  Clothing & Textiles
  • Donate to the Salvation Army, Goodwill, etc.
 For more information about where and how to recycle, please check out the Lucas County Recycler's List

For more information please contact:

Solid Waste Management District        City of Toledo     

Drop-off Locations