Report to the Community

Report CoverLCCS investigated 4,271 allegations of abuse and neglect in 2014, down 12 percent from 2014. These reports involved 6,419 children, also down 12 percent from the previous year. 963 of them were substantiated victims of abuse or neglect.

We also provided 480 voluntary referrals for service to families whose issues did not meet the criteria for an abuse or neglect allegation. LCCS served 12,116 children and 5,016 families in 2014.

The highest number of referrals came from the 43605 and 43609 zip codes. The highest rate of referrals was in the 43604 zip code, where more than 108 children per thousand were the subject of an abuse or neglect referral.
In 2014, we had an average daily caseload of 1,288 children. Almost all (96 percent) of these children were living in a family environment:

  • 389 (30 percent) were living in their own homes
  • 400 (31 percent) were in foster care or a similar placement
  • 453 (35 percent) were living with a relative or other kinship caregiver

Only 36 children (2 percent) were in non-family settings such as group homes or private institutions. Ten children (1 percent) were living in other circumstances.

In 2014, 130 children were adopted into new families, up 24 percent from 2013.

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